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Ronan Le Henaff

French type designer with a number of custom typefaces for corporate clients to his name: Baccarat (1989, for Renault), Credit National (1992, for Credit National), La Mondiale (1992, for La Mondiale), SNCF (1992, at Desgrippes et associés, for the SNCF), Sopexa (1991, for Sopexa), Total (1991, for Total). [Source: Luc Devroye]

Jean François Porchez credits Le Henaff for introducing him to type design. In the late 1980s Porchez was studying graphic design at a school called EMSAT: “We had a guest teacher there named Ronan Le Henaff, who had been a trainee at the ANCT in Paris, a school specializing in type design. He introduced me to calligraphy and type design and made me realize that there were other career paths beyond graphic design or advertising.”

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