Summer Sale

Welcome to our Summer Sale Event, though for some of us it maybe the Winter Sale Event. Up to 65% Off - 130+ fonts from 49 foundries. Sale ends on June 22nd at 11:59pm EDT – Don’t Miss out!

Dive in and discover font pairings that totally balance one another, specially picked by our fabulous foundries.

How do you know if fonts pair well with one another?

There are no real rules in the world of design, however, a great rule of thumb is to identify fonts that simply complement one another. Think fonts that show contrast but not conflict! Below you will find our foundries pairing examples to help guide you in the best way!

While Masqualero can be paired with many fonts, Terrance selected 3 options — Neue Kabel, Quire Sans or Libertad — for you to choose from. He chose these because a sans serif will help calm and frame Masqualero, while the jazzy details in these pairing options can keep up with the movement of Masqualero.

Sackers Gothic is the next fonts that Terrance shared some pairing option for, he suggested — Ionic No 5, Playland and Kalista. He chose these to amp up the stationery vibe of Sackers Gothic.

Terrance wanted to double down on vintage tones for Goudy Heavyface hence he selected Hope Sans and AS Palmer as pairing suggestions.

The 3rd font that Terrance looked at was Sabon Next. He picked Metro Nova, FF Bauer Grotesk and Utily Sans as pairing suggestions because of their humanist proportions for harmony with Sabon Next and low stroke contrast for contrast.

The 5th pairing suggestion by Terrance was for Praxis Next. According to him, Demos Next when paired with Praxis Next play’s off the ‘rigid but rounded’ look.