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Hamilton Wood Type Foundry: HWT American Chromatic Intro Sale

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HWT American Chromatic is the inaugural release from the Hamilton Wood Type Foundry- a joint venture between P22 and the Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum. The American Chromatic Set is a multilayered font set that will allow for thousands of possible color and pattern combinations. The original 19th Century Chromatic that this font set is based upon included 2 fonts. The HWT digital version includes 8. The alignment is configured to allow any combination of the 8 fonts to all align when identical text is set and arranged, one on top of the other.

HWT American Chromatic is ideal for a wide array of design uses including election coverage materials and any other use that requires a classic Americana flavor. Order before October 31st and receive a 20% discount on the full set of 8 fonts or each of the single styles.

Promo ends October 31.

The Deal

Fonts below from Hamilton Wood Type Foundry are 20% off!


8 font styles from $24.95
HWT American Chromatic™ HWT American Chromatic™