End User License Agreement

MyFonts Standard EULA Addendum for Web Use

This Addendum (Web EULA) covers Webfont licenses purchased from MyFonts, hereafter referred to as Licensed Webfont(s). Where there is a conflict with the Foundry’s EULA, the Web EULA takes precedence over the Foundry’s EULA.

Using the Licensed Webfont(s) on the web, for styling HTML web pages, is permitted using the @font-face selector in CSS files, subject to the following restrictions.

1. You may not link to, nor put online, any TrueType or OpenType version of the font.

2. The comments, showing copyright and other legal information in the sample HTML/CSS/Javascript files, must be retained in your working web site code.

3. The Licensed Webfont(s) may be used on any web site owned/controlled by the licensee (subject to paragraph 4 below). The total traffic, measured in page views, of web sites on which the Licensed Webfont is used must be no greater than the number of page views per month specified in the receipt you received for the Licensed Webfont.

4. Agencies responsible for multiple clients’ web sites, for example web design agencies or hosting providers, may not share a single Webfont license across multiple clients’ web sites.

5. The Licensed Webfont(s) may not be used in any interactive web application where users can select any Licensed Webfont and enter or edit text using that Webfont.

6. You may not use conversion or editing tools on the Licensed Webfont(s).

7. Use of the Licensed Webfont(s) with web font technologies other than @font-face, such as sIFR, Cufón or Typeface.js, is not allowed.