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Fonts from Latinotype

We create and distribute original and fresh fonts. To get the most out of your words, Latinotype uses the latest technologies available to work on a global scale.

Fonts by Latinotype

Latinotype was founded in Chile in 2008 as the first typeface distributor in Latin America. Since then, we’ve grown into a dynamic team of typography lovers, with offices in Santiago and Concepción. In our library you’ll find exactly what you need. Furthermore, if you’re looking for a typeface to be exclusively yours, we make bespoke fonts and customize from our catalog.

Meet the team.


Daniel Hernández

Graphic Designer. Design Graduate of Universidad Mayor in 2006, and with a Diploma Course in Typography from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile in 2007. He has exposed and presented his work in different typographic Biennials and exhibitions. He is a Co-founder of Latinotype Foundry.

Founding partner

Luciano Vergara

Graphic Designer, Design Graduate of Universidad Mayor, and with a Diploma Course in Typography from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile in 2003. Works as graphic designer in design studio Mendoza & Vergara. Since 2008 is founding partner of Latinotype Foundry.

General Manager

Elizabeth Hernández

Graduate in communication sciences from Mayor University. She has been working as general manager at Latinotype since 2015, in addition to designing her own typefaces such as Juana, Jazmin, Hernández Bros.


Pablo González

Civil Industrial Engineer from the University of Chile, is in charge of supporting and automating different processes such as sales calculation, among others.

Senior Type Designer

Alfonso García

He moved from San Juan to Buenos Aires, México and Chile, in the quest for learning how type design is done and working as a graphic designer. He works now at Latinotype Foundry since 2015, as type designer, being responsible for several typographic projects.

Type Designer

César Araya

Designer in Visual Communication and Bachelor of Arts and Sciences of Visual Communication UTEM, Diploma in Digital Typography from the University of Chile. Since 2015, he has worked as Typeface Designer at Latinotype and professor of the Typography I and II lectures, of the UTEM.

Production and Design

Felipe Sanzana

Graphic designer and typographer. His work has been selected at the Ibero-American Design Biennial and at the Tipos Latinos Biennial both in the category of fonts for texts and of non-alphabetic systems. He works currently at Latinotype in the production and design of digital fonts.

Art Direction and Design

Nicolás Tobar

Graphic designer from Diego Portales University. In charge of the art direction and design of typographic specimens, along with additional graphics for the foundry.

Web Designer

Andre Ribet A.

Web Graphic Designer. User interface and user experience specialist. Website layout, maintenance and technical support of digital platforms (e-commerce), digital product catalog manager and promotions.

Web Developer

Sergio Riquelme

Fullstack web developer, specialist in the development of different programming languages. He has accompanied the Latinotype team since its inception, developing web modules and database integrations, payment systems and interactive experiences for their website.

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