fy{T}i - Font Field Guide

The Font Field Guides are single-page modules that address the most commonly asked questions about typefaces and their use. Each will be dedicated to an important typeface family. In them, you learn:


  • The typeface’s designer and style classification
  • What’s available in the family
  • Important legibility factors of the design
  • Best practices for using the design
  • How to identify/recognize the typeface
  • Pairing recommendations
  • A brief history of the family
  • Interesting facts about the design
  • Alternative typeface choices


ITC Legacy® Sans Font Field Guide

There is virtually no limit to ITC Stone Sans II range of applications. Fine books, annual reports, restaurant menus, business correspondence, corporate identity programs, movie credits and advertising campaigns have all been set using this design. Learn more

ITC Legacy® Sans Font Field Guide

An excellent design for both hardcopy and interactive applications. The standard weights are full-bodied, while the condensed designs provide economy of space with little loss of legibility. Learn more

ITC Novarese™ Font Field Guide

The contrast between thick and thin strokes is noticeable but not extreme, giving text set in ITC Novarese sparkle and color without sacrificing readability. Learn more

ITC Goudy Sans® Font Field Guide

While typefaces with strong personalities have limitations, few applications are outside the range of ITC Goudy Sans. Learn more

Syntax® Next Font Field Guide

Syntax is distinctive from geometric and grotesque sans serif typeface, making it a good alternative choice. Open line spacing and narrow columns are the best environments for reading ease. Learn more

Ionic N°5™ Font Field Guide

With its particularly small ascenders and descenders, Ionic N°5 have tight linespacing for a solid texture and impressive space-saving performances. Learn more

News Gothic Font Field Guide

Somewhat condensed and slightly angular, Bitstream News Gothic is an efficient user of space and holds up well on screen. Learn more

Optima Nova Font Field Guide

Optima nova should be set more open than tight. The unhurried elegance and light gray color created by the face is disrupted when letters are set too tight. Learn more

ITC New Baskerville Font Field Guide

The original Baskerville typeface was created for setting books, and its modern revivals are ideally suited to the setting of continuous text. Learn more

Perpetua Font Field Guide

Because of its fine hairlines and delicate serifs, Perpetua should be set a little larger in on-screen applications that in print. Learn more

Antique Olive Font Field Guide

Antique Olive design is not intended for continuous text copy. It can, however, be used for short blocks of textual content if given ample line space. Somewhat squared curved shapes and vertically clipped strokes allow for tight, even display setting. Learn more

ITC American Typewriter Font Field Guide

The ITC American Typewriter typeface is a remarkably forgiving design in print, on screen uses and in under less than ideal reading environments. Its serifs, however, are quite long and can cause letters to link-up if copy is set too tight. Learn more

Bembo Book Font Field Guide

The Bembo® typestyle has been the go-to typeface for fine text typography since it was first released in 1929. The Bembo® Book family carries on the tradition of the design maintaining the grace, elegance and legibility of the of the early 20th century typeface. Learn more

Futura Font Field Guide

An exceptionally versatile family, the Futura Bold and Condensed designs are powerful display typefaces. The Futura family is also a good choice for space-sensitive environments. Its simple letterforms allow it to be set at surprisingly small sizes with little drop in legibility. 

Coming soon.

FF Meta

The Meta design is somewhat condensed (saving space) and benefits from stroke weights and character spacing that withstand poor printing and modest resolution digital imaging. Additionally, individual characters were designed to be highly legible. 

Coming soon.

Macklin Font Field Guide

The Macklin family is a strong, adaptable family that is excellent for branding, headlines and other display uses. The simple shapes, open counters and apertures are wide and clear make it a good choice for short blocks of text copy in both print and on-screen environments. 

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Trade Gothic Next

The Trade Gothic Next family maintains the distinctive early 20th century design traits of the original Trade Gothic design, but benefits from a large systematic suite of weights. 

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