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Cygnet CF Font Field Guide | Myfonts

Cygnet CF Font Field Guide

Best Practices

Cygnet CF is best when used in large to medium sizes. Though it reads well at smaller sizes, its unique flourishes and cheerful character are more evident when given space. Headlines, captions, logotypes, poetry, posters, book covers and social media love Cygnet, especially in the middle to bold weights.



Nine weights of roman designs, each with a complementary italic, for a total of 18 styles.

Font Facts

  • Though Cygnet falls on the “display” side of type design, it reads well at small sizes and has potential uses in captions, menus, diagrams, and graphics applications.
  • Cygnet includes wide language support, extensive currency symbols and punctuation, and experimental alternate designs for a few glyphs tucked away for later discovery.


Cygnet CF is an original design by Connary Fagen, designed and published in 2023. As with other experimental typefaces like Quiverleaf CF, Cerulya CF, and Mezzotint CF, Cygnet began with a mental spark – in this case, the accent/circle/squiggle design of the lowercase ‘g’ – which rapidly turned into an entire typeface. A mixture of narrow and wide glyphs give text rhythm. Hints of twentieth century type design lend warmth to the overall desired effect of a forward-looking, vibrant voice.



Cygnet’s design is open and geometric, with an extremely tall x-height, making legibility easy at any size despite the typeface’s playful quirks. The middle weights especially hold up well in less than ideal conditions.

How to spot Cygnet CF


Download a pdf version of the Cygnet CF Font Field Guide and view the Cygnet CF font family.

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