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Fonts from Connary Fagen.

An independent type foundry since 2015, Connary Fagen, Inc. creates soulful typefaces with an eye towards extensive and inclusive language support. Featuring a rich catalog of font families, including the popular Greycliff CF series.

Connary Fagen Inc.

Connary Fagen, Inc. is dedicated to the long-term support of our typefaces. Every font we create is regularly updated with new features, additional language support, and more. We’d love to hear from you, too; send us a message at

Meet the designer.

President and Type Designer

Connary Fagen

Connary’s work in design includes agency and freelance work before founding his studio in 2015. A natural love of art, the written word, and learning new languages led Connary to focus on typeface design as a primary discipline.