Creative Characters.

Meet the people creating some of today’s most exciting work.

Creative Characters brings you interviews and discussions with some of the most interesting people working in design and typography today. The series debuted on MyFonts several years ago, and now we’re bringing it back with some new tricks up its sleeve.

Up and Coming Creative Characters.

Through quick, insightful Q&As, the Up and Coming Creative Characters will introduce you to new and emerging faces in the world of type design every other month. This series will span the globe, highlighting designers and studios doing exciting work and changing the way type is created.

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Joana Correia — Nova Type Foundry.

Born in Porto, Portugal, an ancient seaside city where she was classically trained as an architect before entering the field of type design, Joana Correia has enjoyed a 20-year career shaped by her twin drives to learn from the old while creating something new.  Read more

Cahya Sofyan — Studio Sun.

Cahya Sofyan’s inspiration knows no bounds. With a lineup of typefaces straight out of the Summer of Love by way of the Pony Express, Sofyan’s display fonts practically vibrate off the screen, while his quieter sans serifs hum with understated grace.  Read more

Connary Fagen.

Font designer Connary Fagen, 36, brings an organic perspective to everything he creates. Raised in Colorado, he describes his typefaces as if they grew from the western ground — alongside the wheat fields and mountains surrounding his one-man foundry.  Read more

Creative Characters Podcast.

This brand new podcast from Monotype will explore the people and personalities behind the brands, campaigns, and designs we love. Through interviews with creatives from a variety of disciplines, listeners will hear stories, tips, and insights straight from the people working at the cutting edge of the creative industry.

Creative Characters podcast will be available on Apple Podcasts and most other places you find podcasts.

This is our first episode, and our guest is James Sommerville, who has worked at several notable brands including The Coca-Cola Company. Today, he is the co-founder of KNOWN_UNKNOWN and is working to transform the future of creative talent. You can hear this pod cast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and wherever quality podcasts can be found.

Celebrating Women In Typography.

March is Women’s History Month, so we’re taking the opportunity to celebrate some amazing women working in the type design industry.

This week, we’re talking  with Laura Worthington of Bonney Lake, WA, about her journey and insights as a type designer. Hear from Laura.

This week, we’re talking with Elena Genova, a type designer based in Edinburgh, UK, about her journey and insights from her 20-plus-year career in type design. Hear from Elena

This week, we’re talking  with Kimmy Kirkwood, a type designer based in Seattle, Washington, about her journey and insights as a type designer. Hear from Kimmy

This week, we’re talking  with Joana Correia of Portugal about her journey and insights as a type designer.  Hear from Joana

This week, we’re talking with Jessica McCarty about her journey as a type designer and her insights for new designers. Hear from Jessica.

This week, we’re talking with Nicky Laatz about her journey as a type designer and her insights for new designers. Hear from Nicky

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