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Creative matters. | Myfonts

Creative matters.

In the age of adaptability, creative matters. Type matters.

As businesses feel the pressure to accelerate their digital strategy, the creative community is being called upon to guide the way.

Our challenge.

The expectations placed on the creative community have never been greater: Amplify the voice of the customer. Create consistent and authentic experiences across a growing number of touchpoints. Build identities that can evolve with the needs of a rapidly-changing marketplace. In the newborn age of adaptability, our work matters. Creative matters.

Change at warp speed.

A recent McKinsey report made a bold claim: The societal changes brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic “have vaulted us five years forward in consumer and business adoption in a matter of around eight weeks.” 

Five years in eight weeks. Change at that pace is practically unheard of and presents a major challenge for brands. As creatives, we are tasked with shaping many of these brands. How can we keep up during this unprecedented period of change?



Today more than ever, experience is brand, brand is experience. Brands that show up in new and inventive ways will be able to reset customer expectations.

Monotype Type Trends 2022

This report is not our work. It’s work by brands and agencies that we admire and whose work really stood out over the last twelve and some odd months. 

How design and creativity can meet this moment

COVID-19 is aggressively reshaping the way we work and live, right before our eyes. There is a distinct before and after to this crisis, with the “before” rapidly fading from view while the “after” remains shrouded in uncertainty. 

How to keep your brand aligned along an ever-evolving customer journey.

Modern brands are not static, stationary objects. Today’s brands need to be agile and adaptable, permanently poised to respond to shifts in consumer expectations, emerging technology, and opportunities in other regions and languages.

James Sommerville keynote at Brand Talks Connected.

James Sommerville talks through his career, from Prince Charles and Attik all the way through Coca-Cola, and shares his perspective on design and branding.

Highlights of Pentagram at Brand Talks Connected.

Britt Cobb, Associate Partner at Pentagram, joined Brand Talks Connected to talk about the importance of internal branding and share a project he did for Verizon. 

Creative Characters.

Creative Characters brings you interviews and discussions with some of the most interesting people working in design and typography today. The series debuted on MyFonts several years ago, and now we’re bringing it back with some new tricks up its sleeve.

Connary Fagen.

Font designer Connary Fagen, 36, brings an organic perspective to everything he creates. Raised in Colorado, he describes his typefaces as if they grew from the western ground — alongside the wheat fields and mountains surrounding his one-man foundry.

Tools of the trade.

Fonts not only carry the key messages you want to convey, but draw a visual throughline across customer touchpoints. But fonts are also software, and they deliver essential functionality to all the places customers interact with brands: Emails, digital ads, websites, and so on.

When fonts work well, a customer’s experience is smooth, seamless, positive, and trustworthy. When fonts don’t work well… let’s just say it’s a different story. Ensuring your fonts work properly is not rocket science, but there are some things you need to know.

How to choose a font that works everywhere.

Whether you are looking for a new brand font or want to establish a consistent visual identity across the web, here’s how to choose a font that works everywhere.

When type goes tiny

When screens get smaller, spacing gets tight, details get lost, and forms blend together. The resulting legibility issues can make for a frustrating reading experience. Here’s how to find the fonts that can fix it.

Resources to boost your creativity.

Explore these resources and offers to inspire new creations and power new projects.


Meet Monotype Fonts.

Monotype Fonts is the only on-demand font service designed by creatives, for creatives — making it easier than ever to find, manage and share the world’s best typography.


Monotype’s Macklin: Get two free styles for all your digital designs.
New from the Monotype Studio, Macklin is a superfamily that brings together several attention-grabbing styles. You can download Macklin Slab Extra Bold or Macklin Sans Extra Light for free for all license types. They’re ideal for experimenting with type on the web or in digital ads, or if you’re just looking to add a fresh face to your library. 

Need help going digital?

Monotype offers a range of services to help creative teams of all sizes, including agencies, small- or medium-sized companies, and global enterprise brands take the digital leap.