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Articulat CF Font Field Guide

Best Practices

Articulat CF is built for use at medium sizes, in print and digital environments. It excels in digital spaces, including the web, user interfaces, games, and informational displays. The bolder weights look great as headlines, and pairs perfectly with smaller text set in the middle weights. With ten weights and support for both Latin and Cyrillic scripts, Articulat is up to the task for a wide range of applications where a professional, stark mood is desired.



Ten weights of roman designs, each with a complementary oblique, for a total of 20 styles.

Font Facts

  • Articulat CF has the most weights of any of Connary Fagen’s type families, at 10 weights with accompanying obliques.
  • Despite its straightforward and unassuming design, Articulat is one of Connary Fagen’s most widely used typefaces, and among the foundry’s earliest and most enduring releases.


Articulat CF is an original design by Connary Fagen initially created in 2015, with major updates in 2016 and 2020. Midcentury design in all its forms – architecture, graphics, furniture, type – had long captivated Connary even before entering the industry, so it was only a matter of time before he would design his own take on the concept. Compared to other midcentury-inspired typefaces, Articulat hews closer to geometric shapes, lending a futher sense of precision and coherence, hence the (oddly spelled) name.



Unadorned and simple, Articulat CF reads well at any size. A slightly taller x-height and straightforward construction create a robust design that holds up well in less than ideal conditions, including low resolution digital applications.

How to spot Articulat CF


Download a pdf version of the Articulat CF Font Field Guide and view the Articulat CF font family.

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