WhatTheFont Mobile App

Identify fonts instantly 


We’ve completely reinvented the WhatTheFont experience! The new and improved WhatTheFont mobile app is more than just a duplicate of the WhatTheFont that you use on desktop – it’s a completely redesigned and streamlined way to identify fonts. Just take a photo and tap the font you want to identify – WhatTheFont will immediately show you the results, nothing else required!



How it works


The WhatTheFont app is powered by deep learning, a type of artificial intelligence which makes it fast and accurate. Because of this, it can to do things the desktop version can’t do, like identify connected scripts and identify multiple fonts in the same image.

After you take a photo, WhatTheFont automatically looks for text. To see the results, just tap the font you want to identify and WhatTheFont will show you a list of possible matches. You can even try out the fonts with your own text.



New features in the app