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FF Mark® Font Field Guide

Best Practices

Ten weights with more than a thousand characters each, provide for a wide range of applications. Everything from advertising and packaging and long form text to branding, on screen and in print is within FF Mark’s range of capabilities.

FF Mark Family


The FF Mark family contains eight weights of roman and italic designs in normal, narrow and condensed proportions. There is also an Ultra version for display settings. FF Mark W1G fonts features a pan-European character-set for international content. The character-set supports almost all the popular languages and writing systems in western, eastern, and central Europe based on the Latin alphabet, in addition to several based on the Cyrillic and Greek alphabets.

Font Facts

  • The family has special umlaut characters for setting capital words or headlines with tight linespacing
  • Erik Spiekermann provided creative input for the design.
  • Each weight has over 1,000 characters


Released to MyFonts in 2013, FF Mark draws on historical examples from German geometric type designs of the early twentieth century.

FF Mark Typography


Capital letters are wide with open counters and generous apertures, to provide high levels of legibility in a sans serif design. Italic characters are harmonized to their Roman counterparts and retain simple geometric character shapes to ensure legibility at small sizes.

How to spot FF Mark

HowToSpot FF Mark

Download a pdf version of the FF Mark font field guide and view the FF Mark font family.

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