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Vary™ Font Field Guide | Myfonts

Vary™ Font Field Guide

Best Practices

Vary is at its best in large sizes. Each variation brings its own personality to the eclectic family. Use Vary when you want to make a statement. This is not a “crystal goblet” kind of design. Use it for headlines, branding and packaging.



Vary is available in 10 weights of roman, from Hairline to Extra Black. Vary Variable has 10 preset instances of the same weights.

Font Facts

  • The R, in the modern stylistic set, was inspired by the handwritten Cyrillic character Я.
  • The unusual g was inspired by the B in the Bulgarian hand lettering that gave Meier his inspiration.


Vary’s inspiration was Bulgarian hand lettering, seen by Meier in a shop window in Sofia, Bulgaria. Meier began designing Vary, in 2016, when he was an intern at Monotype. The family was introduced by MyFonts in 2021.



This is a display design. While it does not rank high on the legibility scale, its distinctive letter forms are eye-catching and make a powerful statement.

How to spot Vary


Download a pdf version of the Vary Font Field Guide and view the Vary font family.

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