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ITC Benguiat® Font Field Guide | Myfonts

ITC Benguiat® Font Field Guide

FOUNDRY: International Typeface Corporation (ITC), DESIGNERS: Ed Benguiat & CLASSIFICATION: Glyphic Serif

Best Practices

Originally drawn to be a display design, ITC Benguiat works best at large sizes. It’s also a distinctive design, and ideally used in short headlines and for branding.


Three roman and condensed weights, each with corresponding italics, plus a large suite of ligatures and alternate characters.

Font Facts

  • Was initially rejected by ITC
  • One of Benguiat’s favorite designs


A friend asked Benguiat to create a new logo for a store that he was opening. Benguiat provided the friend with dozens of ideas, but none were accepted. The friend finally chose a design – but the basis for ITC Benguiat was one of the rejected proposals. Undaunted, Benguiat kept working on the design and eventually submitted it to ITC.


Sturdy proportions, a large x-height, open counters and distinctive character designs, make ITC Benguiat legible. Because the design is so distinctive, however, it can hinder message delivery in text sizes.

How To Spot ITC Benguiat

Download a pdf version of the ITC Benguiat Font Field Guide and view ITC Benguiat.

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