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Guzzo™ Font Field Guide

Best Practices

Guzzo is a left of center design, that performs well in a wide range of sizes and application. It is not, however, a design that you would bring home to your mother. Well, maybe for a quirky Mother’s Day Card.



Six weights, from Thin to Black in regular, condensed and extended proportions, provide fonts for a wide range of applications.

Font Facts

  • Guzzo was originally called “Eggs Grotesque”, relating to Jeremy “Guzzo” Pinc’s paintings - many which are tagged with the word EGGS. You can see the upside-down egg shape subtly throughout the typeface, especially the round letters.
  • The Condensed and Extended fonts were originally called “Slim” and “Wide.”
  • Jim Ford is particularly fond of the figures in Guzzo. He thinks they amplify the personality of the typeface.


Guzzo is a playful caricature of a midcentury grotesque. Somewhat eccentric, and full of surprises, its unmistakable quirk stems from details influenced by informal brush lettering and calligraphy.



An ample lowercase x-height, large counters, generous apertures and moderate contrast in character stroke thickness, combine to give Guzzo high levels of legibility – but we’re not talking long form text. Think: Helvetica® in sweatpants.

How to spot Guzzo


Download a pdf version of the Guzzo Font Field Guide and view the Guzzo font family.

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