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Black Friday Cyber Monday Extravaganza! | Myfonts
Myfonts Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale

Black Friday Cyber Monday Extravaganza!

You butter believe that we have a great Black Friday Cyber Monday sale that is sure to leave your library and your wallet full! Fill up on these gourd-geous fonts this holiday season. This sale is STUFFED FULL of great deals up to 50% off. Be sure to check back daily for a new BONUS OFFER, including FREE FONTS and new FOUNDRY-WIDE discounts. 


Add them while you can! These Black Friday Cyber Monday savings end November 29, 11:59 pm EST. 

Parachute 40% Off!


Parachute is a digital type foundry and design agency, specialising in bespoke type design, corporate typefaces and lettering. We use the power of typography to transform living brands to global brands, enrich their identity and localise their language in emerging markets. We have collaborated with several leading organizations since 2001 and designed proprietary typefaces for some of the world’s most iconic brands and institutions such as Bank of America, Apple, European Commission, National Geographic, Ikea, Kraft Foods, UEFA, Samsung, Financial Times, Pernod Ricard, Ogilvy, Emirates.

ALL font families from Parachute foundry are 40% OFF till Nov 29th – don’t miss out!

Resistenza 50% Off!


Resistenza specializes in type-design, branding, calligraphy & lettering. Giuseppe Salerno and Paco González are the two founder, italian and spanish, their passion for writing and handcrafted lettering became their strenghts. Brushy types, calligraphic strokes, orginality in faces are their best distinguished characteristic.

ALL font families from Resistenza foundry are 50% OFF till Nov 29th – don’t miss out!

Paulo Goode 50% Off!

Black-Friday-Paulo Goode

Paulo had a long and varied creative career behind him before trying his hand at type design in 2014. He calls upon his 30 years’ experience as a technical illustrator, graphic designer, and website designer/developer when designing his typefaces and, as a creator of type, fully understands what is required as a user of type. Paulo’s releases mainly focus on type for branding purposes.

ALL font families from Paulo Goode foundry are 50% OFF till Nov 29th – don’t miss out!

Din Studio 50% Off!

Black-Friday-Din Studio

Din Studio was founded in 2017 by Donis Miftahudin. A studio that works in the design and created font. Focus on style scripts and displays we make the best works to meet your design needs. We crete with original idea and newest trend of style.

ALL font families from Din Studio foundry are 50% OFF till Nov 29th – don’t miss out!

Nasir Udin 50% Off!

Black-Friday-Nasir Udin

Before he got into type design, he had designed travel posters under the Vectro label. His illustrative style is an impression of similar posters from the mid 20th century. As a designer, He enjoy looking to both the past and the future for inspiration. That’s why he love to blend a retro style with a futuristic concept.

ALL font families from Nasir Udin foundry are 50% OFF till Nov 29th – don’t miss out!

Hidden Gems!

Black-Friday-Hidden Gems

Don’t miss the following foundry-wide discounts on these Hidden Gems:


Swell Type

Degarism Studio

Black Friday Savings ends November 29th at 11:59 p.m. EDT. 

Today's FREE FONT with your purchase.

Black Friday Cyber Monday-FF Super Grotesk Condensed Bold

FF Super Grotesk Condensed Bold -  Today's FREE Font

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Check this space every day for the OFFER of the day. Black Friday Cyber Monday savings end November 29th at 11:59 p.m. EST.