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Aegean by Matt Frost
Licenses from $40.00
Complete family of 3 fonts: $40.00
Aegean Font Family was designed by Matt Frost and published by Matt Frost. Aegean contains 3 styles and family package options. More about this family


3 fonts
  • Aegean Aegean

  • Aegean Plain Aegean Plain

  • Aegean Small Caps Aegean Small Caps

Per Style: $13.33

Pack of 3 : $40.00

About Aegean Font Family

Aegean is a Hellenic/Roman/Horror/Classical/Whatever — what do any of these things mean anymore when there’s ONE font (and you know who I mean) that’s doing ALL of the signifying work for anything Old/Official/Prestigious/Scary/Whatever. Since we've discarded the significance of just about anything in this age — down to our words — why not pick up a font that’s not a system font for a change? For more, trip on over to EXTRA FEATURES Alternate R’s and r’s. Alternate S’s and s’s. Two sizes of interrobangs. Curly brackets are laurels so you can go win the Palme d'Or. All fonts support European, Eatern European, Romanian, Baltic, and Turkish. Say it with me brothers and sisters: "For the few short years I have on this planet, I'm gonna get real weird with it." - Danny DeVito

Designers: Matt Frost

Publisher: Matt Frost

Foundry: Matt Frost

Design Owner: Matt Frost

MyFonts debut: Aug 31, 2012


About Matt Frost