Alfonso García
I am a type designer or type developer who worked many years in a well-known Latin American type foundry, making fonts alone and in collaboration with a great team. During this experience, I worked with some clients customizing typefaces or making new ones for them. Also, I had experience working in drawing and editing logotypes (only the letters in the brand). I started with type design in San Juan, Argentina, then fully specialized in Buenos Aires and completed the final course (so far) in Antwerp. My work is focused, most of all, on legible typefaces that work for text and branding. Starting from a concept or research on a subject, I believe that a typeface needs its own development to find the right form that makes it unique. I have experience in drawing Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek typefaces. My work has been recognized in Tipos Latinos Bienal de Tipografía, being selected to be shown in a couple of years or being selected myself as a jury member in 2023. I was part of the team to win a Latin American Design Award in 2022.

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