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Amity by Sentinel Type
Individual Styles from $30.00
Complete family of 6 fonts: $30.00
Amity Font Family was designed by James Arboghast, and published by Sentinel Type. Amity contains 6 styles and family package options. More about this family
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  • Amity
  • Amity Inline B
    Amity Inline B
  • Amity Inline
    Amity Inline
  • Amity Inline A
    Amity Inline A
  • Amity Alts
    Amity Alts
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6 fonts
  • Amity Amity

  • Amity Amity

  • Amity Inline B Amity Inline B

  • Amity Inline Amity Inline

  • Amity Inline A Amity Inline A

  • Amity Alts Amity Alts

Per Style: $5.00

Pack of 6: $30.00

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About Amity Font Family

Amity is a unicase type design in the spirit of Bayer Universal and its 1970's child, Bauhaus. The lower case combines capital and lower case letterforms in a slick, inherently chuckable set led by a bespoke monocular "a". An upper case of lining "capitals" compliment the lower case. The deftly-worked-out modular structure, employing quarter rounds and the seldom-used principle of overhead underhang, ensures great fit with very little need of kerning—most letters are strictly lining and occupy a square footprint. Versatile, bold and friendly, Amity is well-suited to mastheads, headlines, logos and poster work, packaging and branding. Use the lower case alone or the upper case alone, mix and match elements from both and optimize results with the handy alternates. Alternates are included for A, E, O, a, d, g, h, l, 4, ampersand, exclamation and question marks. Amity is supplied in a plain version (the default font) and in an inline version (Amity Inline) for additional style and impact. Amity Inline is supplied in a A (base) and B (inline only) versions for flexibility and ease of use. Amity includes hanging numerals, full punctuation, standard math and monetary symbols. Accented characters for Latin 1 and Latin 2 cover the following languages: Albanian, Catalan, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Icelandic, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish and Swedish. One .ZIP package contains both the OpenType font with all characters built-in, and an equivalent TrueType font set.

Designers: James Arboghast

Publisher: Sentinel Type

Foundry: Sentinel Type

Design Owner: Sentinel Type

MyFonts debut: Nov 1, 2007