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by Cerulean Stimuli
Individual Styles from $22.00
Complete family of 7 fonts: $120.00
Anachrony Font Family was designed by K. Pease and published by Cerulean Stimuli. Anachrony contains 7 styles and family package options.

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About Anachrony Font Family

Reminiscent of circuitry and wrought iron, Anachrony constructs the forms of an Old English Blackletter with the strokes of a Modern Geometric Sans, and lands in the vicinity of Art Deco. For such an unusual chimera, the Anachrony family is legible and versatile. Its glyphs cover pan-European Latin, Greek, and a wealth of symbols including arrows, zodiac, planets, chess, suits, and circled numbers. It is also packed with Opentype features:

Small Capitals: Of similar proportions to the default numerals, tall enough to be a suitable choice in place of regular capitals.

All Caps Forms: In addition to the four usual types of numerals, there are numerals and currency symbols that match the capitals.

Swash: A leading curly swash on capitals, and fancy looped ascenders in the lowercase that are handled by over a hundred standard ligatures where they would collide.

Style Set 01: Romanized forms. Especially recommended for all caps. Plainer A/M/T/V/W/Y, J/Q reined in to the baseline, and alternate g.

Style Set 02: Masthead forms. Old-fashioned capitals with descenders and that lower left dealy. Also f/x/z/ß in a more traditional fraktur mode.

Style Set 03: Mild embellishments. Tall bifurcated ascenders and descenders.

Style Set 04: Extravagant swash descenders.

Style Set 05: Final swashes for the end of a word.

Style Set 06: Converts capital letters into the corresponding connected Roman numerals. Seemed like it could be useful sometime.

Easy swooshes: Standard ligatures allow you to type two to seven commas in a row to append an assortment of sweeping or ending swashes.

Catchwords: In Anachrony Royale, turn on Discretionary Ligatures for a variety of decorative articles and prepositions.

Designers: K. Pease

Publisher: Cerulean Stimuli

Foundry: Cerulean Stimuli

Design Owner: Cerulean Stimuli

MyFonts debut: May 4, 2022


About Cerulean Stimuli

K. "Cerulean" Pease started Cerulean Stimuli as a graphic design and illustration business in the 20th Century, and, not insignificantly, designed a logotype for it. This business turned to comic strips and custom ambigrams, and may yet have another try at games, but the real treasure has always been the letterforms we made along the way. For years, in between everything else, it has been impossible to resist picking at these typefaces, expanding them and making them better, knowing deep down that they may be the only truly useful products of the whole enterprise. Cerulean Stimuli fonts are always original ideas, from its flagship unicase to surprising new ways to gothic a gothic. The mission is always to bring into the world something new and fantastic.

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