André Simard
André Simard grew up in Abitibi, Québec, Canada. After completing a collegial diploma in graphic design at Collège du Vieux-Montréal in 1978, he worked for a newspaper and a printing company. In 1980, he established his very own design studio. For three decades, he demonstrated a particular concern to find the right font for every design project. Seeking to strike a fine balance between design and typography, he ventured a few years ago into the very specialized niche of font design. His vast experience and knowledge of graphic design served as a basis to launch his first font: ITC Migration Sans. Since then, Simard has created four other families of font, including Goosebreak a Canadian syllabic Aboriginal typeface. Each one very different from the other, yet sharing one common feature: legibility and efficiency in very small formats. André Simard is passionate about typographic creation. He demonstrates a genuine concern for complying with established codes and good practices in this field of expertise, with of course the highest standard of quality and creativity in mind.

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