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Aure Jane

Aure Jane

by Aure Font Design
Individual Styles from $11.00
Complete family of 8 fonts: $58.00
Aure Jane Font Family was designed by Aurora Isaac and published by Aure Font Design. Aure Jane contains 8 styles and family package options. More about this family
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About Aure Jane Font Family

Aure Jane defines grace under fire. These clean, sans-serif forms engage the reader with a subtext of trust. Jane’s excellent legibility will stand up under almost any typographic challenge, bringing confidence to text and titles, and clarity to astrological expressions and chartwheels. Jane is an original design developed by Aurora Isaac. After more than a decade in development, 2018 marks the first release of the CJ and KB glyphsets in regular, italic, bold, and bold-italic. The CJ glyphset is a full text font supporting a variety of European languages. A matching set of small-caps complements the extended lowercase and uppercase glyphsets. Supporting glyphs include standard ligatures, four variations of the ampersand, and check-mark and happy-face with their companions x-mark and grumpy-face. Numbers are available in lining, oldstyle, and small versions, with numerators and denominators for forming fractions. Companion glyphs include Roman numerals, specialized glyphs for indicating ordinals, and a variety of mathematical symbols and operators. The CJ glyphset also includes an extended set of glyphs for typesetting Western Astrology. These glyphs are also available separately in the KB glyphset: a symbol font re-coded to allow easy keyboard access for the most commonly used glyphs. In addition to Aure Jane’s versatility as a text font, Jane can enhance the message of other designs. Aure Jane pairs well as an innocuous foil to any decorative font; Aure Sable, for example, will shine all the more beside Jane’s sensible utility. The witty highlights of Aure Brash will sparkle against Jane’s practicality. Give Aure Jane a trial run! You may discover a permanent place for this font family in your typographic palette. >> AureFontDesign.com

Designers: Aurora Isaac

Publisher: Aure Font Design

Foundry: Aure Font Design

Design Owner: Aure Font Design

MyFonts debut: Nov 30, 2018

Aure Jane

About Aure Font Design

Aure Font Design provides unique text, symbol, and clip-art fonts designed to fill the evolving needs of contemporary graphics. The current Aure collection offers an array of designs with extended Latin glyphsets to support a variety of European languages. At the core of this collection are the workhorse fonts designed for dense, extended text. These are augmented by a range of decorative designs. If you need to convey the rowdy whimsy of wild spirits, the sweet innocence of romantic fantasy, or the demure elegance of propriety, you will find it in the Aure collection. And for the astrologers among you, each design also includes a set of glyphs to meet the formatting needs of contemporary astrology. Take the time to explore the typographic breadth and depth of Aure Font Designs and you may discover a permanent place for these engaging characters in your typographic palette.