Baseline Fonts
Inspired by the typography and lettering of the late 19th century, Baseline Fonts type historian and designer Nathan Williams has been creating strong and imaginative typefaces since 1999. He is the Principal of Baseline Creative, a full-service marketing agency in Wichita, KS and Lawrence, KS.

He continues to garner inspiration from the world around him and has developed many custom commercial typefaces since 2005 for films, apparel companies, apps and software.

Nathan is an avid bicycle enthusiast, rolls cigars from tobacco he grows, loves baking sourdough bread and sharing it with friends, is passionate about brewing his own kombucha and can't say enough about the importance of drinking plenty of water and making time to take the dogs on long walks throughout the year.

Looking back on the formative years of early digital typeface design, Nathan is impressed with many of the contemporary foundries and honored to witness an ever-increasing array of well-crafted typefaces available for the discriminating consumer.

One thing he learned through the decades is that it's not about being the most famous or notorious. It's about doing your best and enjoying the process. Fame is fleeting, but happiness is abundant if you set your mind to it.

Nathan's partner Bridgette and his three extraordinary daughters keep his creative inspiration flowing and make every day better.

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