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Braga Huis

Braga Huis by Juru Rancang Studio
Individual Styles from $15.00
Complete family of 3 fonts: $30.00
Braga Huis Font Family was designed by Ihsan Khairul Lazuardi and published by Juru Rancang Studio. Braga Huis contains 3 styles and family package options. More about this family

About Braga Huis Font Family

Braga Huis typeface is a font family that is inspired by the famous street in Bandung that was made to embodies the atmosphere and the environment of Netherland-Indie city at its golden time, whereby all the elements were designed to give the impression of structural, artistic, and advance. Braga Huis typeface has a strong Art Deco character, where the impression is depicted from the strong lines, curvy passion so it is very appropriate to describing the future atmosphere from the perspective of the 19th century.

Braga Huis typeface has 3 font styles consisting of uppercase, lowercase and various alternative options that can be customize to your taste, poster is one of the media form of presentation that we believe is very appropriate for this type of font. But whatever the medium is, honestly we say; using Braga Huis typeface will make your artwork will never be cracked by time.

Designers: Ihsan Khairul Lazuardi

Publisher: Juru Rancang Studio

Foundry: Juru Rancang Studio

Design Owner: Juru Rancang Studio

MyFonts debut: Nov 5, 2021

Braga Huis

About Juru Rancang Studio

Juru Rancang Studio is personal studio of graphic designer named Ihsan Khairul Lazuardi who's born in Bandung, Indonesia on April 19th, 1986, he studied graphic design at SMSR an Art Vocational High School & Visual Communication Design at National Institute of Technology (ITENAS) in Bandung and graduated in the same major. He has a huge scope of graphic design experiences started when he was in junior high school and had done working with over 15 Local & Multi-National companies, he is also member of digital type foundry group such as Juru Aksara and Imagi Type Co. He specialize a lot in experimental work and traditional graphic design, he frequently names many of His fonts with Sundanese or Sanskrit words which come from His region.