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Cubenzis by Illuminaut Designs
Individual Styles from $12.00
Complete family of 6 fonts: $50.00
Cubenzis Font Family was designed by Jesse Smith and published by Illuminaut Designs. Cubenzis contains 6 styles and family package options. More about this family

About Cubenzis Font Family

Attempting to marry the warm friendliness of the Cubano typeface with the versatility, functionality, and geometry of Eurostile has resulted in Cubenzis.

After finishing the regular weight, I realized that it reminded me of old Soviet military hardware, something you might see on the outside of a tank or rocket, so i made the decision to include a full Cyrillic alphabet as well.

It feels very sci-fi to me and i can imagine it being used as signage on a ship or as a warning label on machinery.

Designers: Jesse Smith

Publisher: Illuminaut Designs

Foundry: Illuminaut Designs

Design Owner: Illuminaut Designs

MyFonts debut: Feb 28, 2022


About Illuminaut Designs

Illuminaut Designs is a mysterious foundry operating from a secret location deep within the bowels of the earth. Our fonts are designed with slavish devotion to precision and accuracy. It is our belief that improper keming should be punishable by death. Thus, we have a perpetually new staff and are always on the lookout for new designers to hire. Every font we design is guaranteed to bring humanity one step closer to an Immanentized Eschaton. Fnord.