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Diamond Braille

Diamond Braille

by Echopraxium
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Diamond Braille Font Family was designed by Michel Kern and published by Echopraxium. Diamond Braille contains 1 styles. More about this family
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About Diamond Braille Font Family

Here is a "Decorative Braille font". The initial design was indeed drawn on a K.I.S.S digital sketchpad, the Windows default drawing tool (Microsoft Paint, classic version).

A. Glyph Concept

The Braille 2x3 dot matrix is weaved around a diamond-shape.

a.1. Each "dot" is represented by a "right-angle isocel triangle".

a.2. Braille dots in Diamond Braille

a.2.I. "Dots" are outside the diamond for first Braille row (Braille dots 1, 4) and third Braille row (Braille dots 3, 6).

a.2.II. "Dots" are inside the diamond for second Braillle row (Braille dots 2, 5).

a.3. Diamond lattice

Glyphs are connected horizontally (to/bottom diamond's corners) and vertically (left/right corners) to each other (see poster 5).

a.4. Special Glyphs

- Space: its is either empty ("Empty cell") or a "non Braille shape" { _, ° } depending on your display needs (as explained in b.3.II)

- 6 dots: { £, =, û }

- 6 empty dots: { ç, ¥ }

B. Font user guide

b.1. Lowercase glyphs { A..Z }

In these glyphs the "dots" are represented as a white right-angle isocel triangle filled with a smaller black triangle.

b.2. Uppercase glyphs { a..z }

In these glyphs, the "dots" are represented as an empty triangle (this is an "empty dot").

b.3. 'Space' vs 'Empty Cell'

b.3.I. 'Space'

- 'Space' glyph is an empty shape

- '¶' glyph (at the end of each line in Microsoft Word) is also an empty shape

b.3.II. 'Empty cell' glyphs: _ (underscore), ° (degree). In these glyphs there are 2 "empty dots" at top and bottom corners

of the diamond, which differentiates them from regular Braille glyphs (which dont have a "dot in the middle").

b.4. Diamond Lattice

To display text as a 'diamond lattice', replace each 'Space' by an 'Empty cell' (as explained in b.3.II, see poster 5)

b.5. Connectors

The connector glyphs allow the creation of "circuit like" designs (see poster 1).

Here are the connector glyphs: { µ, à, â, ä, ã, è, é, ê, ë, î, ï }

b.6. Domino feature

Some Glyphs represent numbers 1..6 in a way which is similar than on dominos (see poster 6)

C. Posters

Poster 1: the "Font Logo", it displays "Diamond Braille" text together with the Connectors feature.

Poster 2: a pangram which is published on pangra.me ( "Adept quick jog over frozen blue whisky mix" ).

Poster 3: an illustration of the Domino feature.

Poster 4: a DiamondBraille version of the Periodic table.

Poster 5: illustration of the Diamond lattice using only 6 dots ( û ) and 6 empty dots ( ç ) glyphs.

Designers: Michel Kern

Publisher: Echopraxium

Foundry: Echopraxium

Design Owner: Echopraxium

MyFonts debut: Sep 24, 2020

Diamond Braille

About Echopraxium

Echopraxium foundry makes unconventional typefaces e.g: * Decorative / Steganographic Braille typefaces (e.g. Diamond Braille) * Glyph designed to gather as a lattice(e.g: Hex Braille / Kernig Braille) * Substitution cypher (e.g. LSPK90H, a Leetspeak variant meant to be read clockwise) * Anticipated/Foreseen - Symbols / Icons / Tesselation / Colored typefaces - Non Roman / Antique / Scifi / Fantasy alphabets \\//_Dif-tor heh smusma (LLAP: “Live long and prosper”)