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Egregio Script

Egregio Script by Fontscafe
Individual Styles from $39.00
Egregio Script Font Family was published by Fontscafe. Egregio Script contains 1 styles. More about this family

About Egregio Script Font Family

We at Fontscafe are forever trying to work on conniving up typography that will blend itself into your work space in a manner that will make you wonder how you ever managed without it…and that effort has led us to the birth of yet another all-new font for you! And this one like most of our others has a niche appeal although it is versatile as versatile can be. Now this is a font that can pretty much fit the bill when you want to send out an exclusive appeal but yet not overly formal. It is styled with fonts that cry out ‘eliteness’ and exclusivity, but without the part where it becomes so exclusive and classy that it goes way over people’s heads! The ‘Egregio’ can still connect on a very personal, almost friendly level with your audience while it remains in a class of its very own!

Publisher: Fontscafe

Foundry: Fontscafe

Design Owner: Fontscafe

MyFonts debut: Jun 25, 2013

Egregio Script

About Fontscafe

Imagine... creating designs with fonts that actually evoke positive, powerfully nostalgic emotions in your readers’ minds! The type of font face you use is crucial to your work; it colors how your readers will interpret the text... and it creates strong emotions about what you’ve created. Fontscafe's dream is to create emotions for you!