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BMF Elleonora Dun Cane

BMF Elleonora Dun Cane™

by BuyMyFonts
Licenses from $60.00
Complete family of 4 fonts: $60.00
BMF Elleonora Dun Cane Font Family was designed by Alessio Leonardi and published by BuyMyFonts. BMF Elleonora Dun Cane contains 4 styles and family package options.

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  • BMF Elleonora Dun Cane BMF Elleonora Dun Cane

  • BMF Elleonora Dun Cane Alternate BMF Elleonora Dun Cane Alternate

  • BMF Elleonora Dun Cane Bold BMF Elleonora Dun Cane Bold

  • BMF Elleonora Dun Cane Alternate Bold BMF Elleonora Dun Cane Alternate Bold

Per style:


Pack of 4 styles:


About BMF Elleonora Dun Cane Font Family

Strictly speaking, BMF Elleonora D’un Cane is not a typeface. She was simply written on a piece of paper, then one evening discovered the magic blinking light of the notebook computer with which she was sharing a desk, could not resist and slipped in between the keyboard and the lid. Overnight, Elleonora was absorbed and turned into a digital file. Being a split personality right from the start – one part fun-loving and gaining weight, one part salad-eating and impossibly slim — she became two Elleonoras, plus alternates. Still looking as fresh as the first day she was written, Elleonora is the perfect expression of pleasure, friendship and spontaneity.

Designers: Alessio Leonardi

Publisher: BuyMyFonts

Foundry: BuyMyFonts

Design Owner: BuyMyFonts

MyFonts debut: Feb 10, 2010

BMF Elleonora Dun Cane™ is a trademark of BuyMyFonts.com by Alessio Leonardi.

About BuyMyFonts

BuyMyFonts was founded in 2002 after a series of disastrous experiences in the typographic sector. Fortunately Alessio Leonardi, the company’s founder, did not have anything to do with these experiences. Alessio’s idea behind BuyMyFonts was simple: he would sell his fonts directly to interested parties, and become rich and famous in the process. Needless to say, this did not work. As a last resource, Alessio struck up an historical agreement between BuyMyFonts and MyFonts, which will allow both parties to prosper. A clear-cut case of a win-win situation. Ah yes. The fonts. They are marvellous, and very diverse, just like the thoughts in Alessio’s head. Some have been designed very quickly on the back of a napkin. Others have been painstakingly drawn pixel by pixel, such as the absurdly extensive BMF Elettriche Modular Type System (The Electric Ones), a superfamily currently consisting of a dazzling 936 compatible fonts. Now that Alessio’s work on these fonts is done, yours may begin. So please Buy His Fonts, and use them in any way you see fit. Results can be sent to the address below. Thank you.

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