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Frontis by Tipo Pèpel
Individual Styles from $24.00
Complete family of 24 fonts: $147.00
Frontis Font Family was designed by Josep Patau Bellart and published by Tipo Pèpel. Frontis contains 24 styles and family package options. More about this family

About Frontis Font Family

Inspired by the Roman lettershapes that Asensio y Mejorada drew in 1780, Frontis is a text typeface that takes this reference just as a starting point. The delicate appearance of Neoclassical fonts becomes confidence in Frontis. The characters have a solid skeleton, and the text looks classy in the condensed half of the family. A style that shines especially at display sizes. A collection of vegetal motifs and some stylistic uppercase ligatures complete the character set. These extra shapes serve to frame and bring together all the weights and styles in the type family. The lapidary ligatures and the ornaments underline the 18th-century roots of the design. There is a connection between Frontis and those classic letters that were once engraved on stone. And yet, the design is daring enough to make it a perfect choice for contemporary use.

Designers: Josep Patau Bellart

Publisher: Tipo Pèpel

Foundry: Tipo Pèpel

Design Owner: Tipo Pèpel

MyFonts debut: Jun 27, 2019


About Tipo Pèpel

Located in a small town, Les Borges Blanques, Spain, Tipo Pèpel is a digital type foundry run by Josep Patau. The self-taught designer began producing experimental typefaces in 1996 and started selling them through MyFonts in 2011. His debut font, Anduaga, was a revival from Joseph de Anduaga y Garimberti, the XVII´s famous spanish calligrapher. Since then, his library had expanded to include nearly two dozen font families, each of which is unique and reflects the small country town he comes from with a familiar rural feel. Some of Josep’s best selling typefaces, including Pobla, Bridone, and Cinta, really demonstrate the impact his home has on his designs, while Boxed, a semi-modular geometric font, is a step outside of this theme. “All of my projects excite me and I put my best into each of them, doing everything with my own two hands,” Josep says. “I treat them all like my children.” With a focus on the details and creating high quality drawings, each of his fonts offers an extended character map that is fully capable with OpenType features. He also diligently insures that each of his typefaces is legible in all sizes. “I think that this is one of my goals because I always begin my designs by thinking about the final use if the font,” he says. “I worry about this a lot, so I do thousands of tests before launching the final font to ensure high quality standards and full satisfaction for final users.”