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FS Me Paneuropean

FS Me® Paneuropean by Fontsmith
Individual Styles from $90.00
Complete family of 8 fonts: $471.99
FS Me Paneuropean Font Family was designed by Mitja Miklavcic, Jason Smith, Phil Garnham and published by Fontsmith. FS Me Paneuropean contains 8 styles and family package options. More about this family

About FS Me Paneuropean Font Family


When most of us go about everyday tasks, we take for granted the reading that’s involved, on instructions, labels and so on. For people with learning disabilities, reading is made much harder by certain fonts. FS Me is designed specifically to improve legibility for people with learning disabilities.

The font was researched and developed with – and endorsed by – Mencap, the UK’s leading charity and voice for those with learning disabilities. Mencap receive a donation for each font license purchased.

Every letter of FS Me was tested for its appeal and readability with a range of learning disability groups across the UK.


Fontsmith were determined to design a font that was accessible to those with learning disabilities without standing out as such – one that was inclusive of all readers. It should comply with accessibility guidelines and work best at 12pt, but still have a character of its own that was warm and approachable.

“So much accessible design is done separately to the main body of brand work,” says Jason Smith. “We wanted to make a typeface that covered both brand tone and neutrality, and that could be used legitimately as a brand font as well as in accessible design.”

Me, you, everyone

FS Me is about design that doesn’t patronise. People with learning disabilities are often treated as inferior by childlike design. FS Me is designed for adults, not children – a beautifully-designed font for everyone.

Its features include very subtle distinguishing elements of each letter to aid the reading and comprehension of texts, and tails, ascenders and descenders that have been extended for extra clarity.

What the people said...

Here is a sample of comments from the extensive research groups that helped to shape the letterforms of FS Me:

“I want something round, clear and friendly.”

“We like movement in the letters but don’t want anything childish.”

“The ‘b’ and ‘d’ need to be different as they can be confused.”

“I prefer the handwriting-style ‘a’.”

“It’s important to have an accessible ‘a’ and ‘g’. Teachers sometimes complain that learners cannot read or understand the inaccessible ‘a’ and ‘g’.”

Designers: Mitja Miklavcic, Jason Smith, Phil Garnham

Publisher: Fontsmith

Foundry: Fontsmith

Design Owner: Fontsmith

MyFonts debut: null

FS Me® Paneuropean is a registered trademark of FontSmith.

About Fontsmith

Fontsmith is a London based type design studio founded in 1999 by Jason Smith. The studio consists of a team dedicated to designing and developing high quality typefaces for both independent release as well as bespoke fonts for international clients.