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Gothamburg by Ingrimayne Type
Individual Styles from $9.95
Complete family of 4 fonts: $17.95
Gothamburg Font Family was designed by Robert Schenk and published by Ingrimayne Type. Gothamburg contains 4 styles and family package options. More about this family

About Gothamburg Font Family

Grandecort is derived from the OakPark family. It has lost the serifs, and has moved to a more traditional look. The upper case letters are a bit heavier than the lower case letters, but overall the letter shapes are fairly conventional for a bold, display face. In later 2018 the family was expanded to 9 fonts. GrancMitStripes was reworked to make four new faces: GrancAllStripes, GrancTopStripes, GrancBottomStripes, and GrancCaps. The last can be used as a background layer for the others. Also, The interior of GrandecortShadow was separated out to form GrandecortShadowInside. It has the same shapes as Grandecort-Regular but the spacing of GrandecortShadow and can be layered with the shadowed style to easily create bi-colored letters.

Designers: Robert Schenk

Publisher: Ingrimayne Type

Foundry: Ingrimayne Type

Original Foundry: unknown

Design Owner: Ingrimayne Type

MyFonts debut: Aug 5, 2002


About Ingrimayne Type

IngrimayneType distributes digital typefaces designed by Robert Schenk. Robert became fascinated with type design in the late 1980s and began designing type in 1988 with an early version of Fontographer. He has designed a wide variety of typefaces, from standard text fonts to bizarre decorative faces. Many of these faces were designed to meet specific needs but others were experimental, designed as a challenge to form letters that met a narrowly-defined criteria. Areas of special strength in the IngrimayneType library include novelty fonts, picture fonts including tessellations, and fonts with alternating character sets.