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by AND
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Complete family of 2 fonts: $149.00
H-AND-S Font Family was designed by Jean-Benoît Lévy and published by AND. H-AND-S contains 2 styles and family package options.

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H-AND-S Complete

2 fonts

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About H-AND-S Font Family

A common creation: (to pass from one hand to the other): For the first time, various hand-signs from diverse sources are unified into one single visual style. This compendium is the result of 15 years of incubation and 7 years of creation. In his travels throughout the world, graphic designer Jean-Benoit Levy, principal of the visual studio AND, has collected pictures of multiple hand signage. Uncertain what to do with those signs, he kept them year after year until the idea came to unify almost 200 handsigns into one single family. In accordance with this entire collection, the name of the typeface is a mix: "h-and-s". A global collection: (To put in good hands): We all have one thing in common: Hand-signs are an international language, they are meant to be understood by all of us. Each of us regularly comes in contact with modern hieroglyphs such as the hand-sign-codes that are so prevalent in our daily life. This way of communication belongs to no one in particular and to all of us in general. Even if the sense of certain signs varies from one culture to the other, there is a common hand-sign language. We are surrounded by this language of handsigns each time we step in a store, we eat, open a container of milk, we clean up, use package of wash-powder, by shaving, when we work, use tools, at home, by tearing the envelope of a condom, by traveling, etc. When we encounter these signs, we all understand them easily. A visual connection: (To go hand in hand): This typeface is a global visual statement. Collecting, ordering, redrawing, unifying. Reconstructed and assembled into one original alphabet, H-AND-S is a unique and complex signs program. Our choice is based on daily gestures and global hand-codes. Logically this typeface starts with the "American Sign Language" and expands on two type-variations, each on two levels of keyboard. The international team of H-AND-S would like to send his special thanks to all of the anonymous graphic designers throughout the world who designed different hand-signage and who influenced and inspired to create such a sign collection into one unified family. We, the global nomad team of AND, hope that you will enjoy our H-AND-S. Additional Credits Production: Studio AND. www.and.ch. Concept, Idea & Creative Direction: Jean-Benoît Lévy, Switzerland / USA. Research & Sketches: Eva Schubert, Germany. Illustration, Graphic Design & Visual Fusion: Diana Stoen, USA. Transfer, Adaptation & Refining: Moonkyung Choi, Korea. Finalization & Checking: Sylvestre Lucia, Switzerland. Coaching & Technical Advice: Mike Kohnke, USA. Creative Energy & Implementation: Joachim Müller-Lancé, Germany / USA.

Designers: Jean-Benoît Lévy

Publisher: AND

Foundry: AND

Design Owner: AND

MyFonts debut: Mar 15, 2006


About AND

"AND" originally started in Basel, Switzerland in 1987 as a graphic studio for Visual Concepts and Print. Eventually it became connected with New Media with its expansion in San Francisco after the year 2000. Under the creative direction of Jean-Benoît Lévy — a former student of the Basel School of Design — both, AND's structure and team adapted themselves according clients and assignments. The Basel "AND" studio traditionally has always been open to young graphic students from all over the world, providing them in their internship local projects and Swiss assignments. Now, with its flexible structure, "AND" directs itself more toward being a virtual office for Visual Communication and aspires to interact with wider range of visual assignments and research projects.

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