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Hex Braille

Hex Braille by Echopraxium
Individual Styles from $5.62
Hex Braille Font Family was designed by Michel Kern and published by Echopraxium. Hex Braille contains 1 styles. More about this family

About Hex Braille Font Family

The purpose of this monospace font is to display braille in an original although rather steganographic way.

Its glyphs are built from a flat hexagon which can be read as 3 rows of 2 vertices (i.e. regular braille glyph grid). The initial design is illustrated by glyphs 'ç' (no dot) and 'û' (6 dots) as shown by poster 5.

Glyphs are connected to each other, thus 6 connections for each hexagon (2 on left/right and 4 on top/bottom). In the final design many diagonal segments of the hexagon were removed for esthetical reason.

Text is displayed not as a honeycomb but as a lattice instead which mixes hexagons, squares and "irregular convex octagons" (mostly unclosed), the design favored squares over octagons. The whole slightly resembling a PCB.

Text can be framed with 3 sets of Frame glyphs (as shown in Poster 4):

  • Octagonal: { €, °, £, µ, §, ¥, ~, ¢ } which can be mixed with Rectangular High
  • Rectangular Low: { è, é, ê, ï, î, à, â, ä }
  • Rectangular High: { Â, ù, Ä, Ê, Ë, ô, õ, ë } which can be mixed with Octagonal

NB: When using Frame glyphs, it is advised to show Pilcrow () and Non Breaking Space, which are replaced by empty shapes (e.g. in Microsoft Word, use CTRL+8 or use [] button in the ribbon).

Designers: Michel Kern

Publisher: Echopraxium

Foundry: Echopraxium

Design Owner: Echopraxium

MyFonts debut: Mar 25, 2020

Hex Braille

About Echopraxium

Echopraxium foundry makes unconventional typefaces e.g: * Decorative / Steganographic Braille typefaces (e.g. Diamond Braille) * Glyph designed to gather as a lattice(e.g: Hex Braille / Kernig Braille) * Substitution cypher (e.g. LSPK90H, a Leetspeak variant meant to be read clockwise) * Anticipated/Foreseen - Symbols / Icons / Tesselation / Colored typefaces - Non Roman / Antique / Scifi / Fantasy alphabets \\//_Dif-tor heh smusma (LLAP: “Live long and prosper”)