My name is Christian Schaarschmidt and I am a design enthusiast living in the beautiful city of Bonn, Germany. Since 2008 I am my own boss working as a graphic designer and illustrator for my own clients under the name ʺillunaticʺ. Most things I do are in print - first and foremost books, magazines, logos and stationery. For those kind of things I love to use handmade type and it is a lot of fun to create it completely from scratch, wherever it is possible. I believe that type itself is the most powerful thing to give each project it's very own unique feel. Good type is the core of every good design! This passion for letters drew me to create my very first font, which is Lando. For my typedesigns I use a variety of tools, such as pens, pencils and brushes before bringing them to the computer. It's important to me to retain that handcrafted and natural feel in my letters and it is a joy to translate the outcome into digital fonts that can be used to unlimited extend.

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