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Indipia™ by Aah Yes
Individual Styles from $11.95
Complete family of 2 fonts: $14.95
Indipia Font Family was published by Aah Yes. Indipia contains 2 styles and family package options. More about this family

About Indipia Font Family

Indipia is a caps-only misprinted font, ideal for display, titles, and headlines. It has alternative characters for all double-letter combinations aa-zz and AA-ZZ to avoid having two identical degraded letters together (You can see this by typing/copying words like mirror BASSOONS into the text box above, with Ligatures on); different characters for upper/lower case letters; and of course all the expected accented characters for European languages. There’s also Stylistic Alternates for some common letters and punctuation which will give a third version of the letter and/or add some random ink-misprints if selected. There are 2 styles -- Regular has small areas misprinted within the letter itself like little bits that haven't been inked, the Solid version doesn't, and the Solid one is on the grey gallery poster image. The zips contain both OTF and TTF versions - install either OTF or TTF, not both (to avoid incompatibility issues).

Publisher: Aah Yes

Foundry: Aah Yes

Design Owner: Aah Yes

MyFonts debut: Aug 1, 2012

Indipia™ is a trademark of Aah Yes.

About Aah Yes

Aah Yes Fonts presents 10 brand-new and original font families, including Dascari, a funky and informal yet highly-readable font that would suit a large variety of modern graphics situations; and Cabragio which is a curvy font which flows attractively and dynamically, especially in its lower case letters, and is a quite distinct font. Deltarbo is a conventional medium-heavy sans-serif that has modern clean lines and a slightly "rounded-rectangle" feel for great legibility. There are two handwriting fonts in this new selection - Write is a fairly neat (perhaps even formal) handwriting font or print, useable for both display and text with clear and well-defined characters, and Dorkihand is genuinely left-handed writing, and veers more towards the grunge style of handwriting. Tuzonie, Crockstomp and Rappica fall into the "misprinted, degraded or distressed" category, and give varying degrees of degradation to different block types, with internal and external letter-distress being available. Smeethe manages to look almost out of focus while being both degraded and yet smooth, but not so degraded as to impair its legibility. Meltifex puts at the user's disposal a full set of melting letters, which drip away at the bottom. Dascari and Write have been created in an extensive variety of weights and styles. All Aah Yes's Fonts' font packages contain both TTF or OTF formats, (i.e. both formats are included in the same zip file) and all the fonts are - as you would expect - comprehensively kerned, and contain an extensive selection of accented and non-English characters. As far as the Font Authors are aware, the invented font names are all quite meaningless, none of them is something unspeakable in Etruscan or Hittite. (But if they are, please let us know.)