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Lorraine Braille

Lorraine Braille by Echopraxium
Individual Styles from $9.50
Lorraine Braille Font Family was designed by Michel Kern and published by Echopraxium. Lorraine Braille contains 1 styles. More about this family

About Lorraine Braille Font Family

This is a decorative and steganographic Braille font based on Lorraine Cross pattern.

As the Lorraine cross splits space into six areas, it may be used to represent Braille glyphs.

Provided Glyphs

* Lowercase letters (a..z): a White cross and Black square dots

* Uppercasecase letters (A..Z): a Black cross and White square dots

* Special characters (e.g. !#$%*+<>{}()[]...)

* Decorative glyphs (provided in black and white as well)

Glyph code intervals

- Codes 48..57: Bullets (0..9 digits)

- Codes 130..150: 'White Stars'

- Codes 192..233: 'Black Stars', Black border glyphs and other black patterns.

- Codes 214..233: Border/Decorative glyphs (Black)

- Codes 235..255: Border/Decorative glyphs (White)

- Codes for Cross w/o dots: Black (192), White (235)

- Codes for Cross and 6 dots: Black (191), White (234)

- Code for 'Half-width space' (166)


1. Logo: illustrates usage of border glyphs

2. Meta: Two big Lorraine Braille glyphs drawn with pattern glyphs

3. Stars: illustrates usage of 'Star' and pattern glyphs

4. Bullets: illustrates usage of bullet glyphs (0..9)

5. Human rights - Article 1


- Encoding is: Windows Latin ("ANSI")

- Published in two versions: Commercial and Free for personal use

Designers: Michel Kern

Publisher: Echopraxium

Foundry: Echopraxium

Design Owner: Echopraxium

MyFonts debut: Jun 15, 2021

Lorraine Braille

About Echopraxium

Echopraxium foundry makes unconventional typefaces e.g: * Decorative / Steganographic Braille typefaces (e.g. Diamond Braille) * Glyph designed to gather as a lattice(e.g: Hex Braille / Kernig Braille) * Substitution cypher (e.g. LSPK90H, a Leetspeak variant meant to be read clockwise) * Anticipated/Foreseen - Symbols / Icons / Tesselation / Colored typefaces - Non Roman / Antique / Scifi / Fantasy alphabets \\//_Dif-tor heh smusma (LLAP: “Live long and prosper”)