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M Lady HK

M Lady HK

by Monotype HK
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M Lady HK Font Family was designed by Monotype HK Design and published by Monotype HK. M Lady HK contains 1 styles.

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About M Lady HK Font Family

M Lady is a design inspired by Agfa Waddy’s rather elegant design comes with narrow proportion. M Lady is a rare condensed design in world of Chinese typefaces. Entry and finial points of strokes are squarish, with a sharp but small symmetric serif. It has a medium contrast to improve character recognition. Its thin stems (豎) make it suitable for fine print with minimal conglutination. Dots (點) are straight, reversely curved or round. Downstrokes (撇、捺), ticks (剔) and hooks (勾) are highly regular and consistent. Dots (點), downstrokes (撇、捺) and ticks (剔) are long, smooth, monolinear and curved with small symmetric serif and sometimes angled entry and finial points of strokes to create subtle sharpness in the midst of its softness and elegance, which is better for larger text print. Its features and construction create subtle sharpness in the midst of softness and slim elegance. It is best suited for casual subheading or display, set upright (non-slanted), non-condensed (naturally condensed).

Designers: Monotype HK Design

Publisher: Monotype HK

Foundry: Monotype HK

Design Owner: Monotype HK

MyFonts debut: null

M Lady HK

About Monotype HK

Monotype Hong Kong Ltd.is a subsidiary of Monotype responsible for the design and development of Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese typefaces, and also other Asian languages/scripts. The Monotype HK typeface collection includes a wide range of high quality designs in popular type styles for text and display setting, in print and screen environments. Today the Monotype team continues to create new Chinese typefaces for the library, as well as custom and bespoke typefaces for global brands and enterprises.