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Magnesit Stencil

Magnesit Stencil by Rekord
Individual Styles from $22.00
Complete family of 4 fonts: $69.00
Magnesit Stencil Font Family was designed by Oleksandr Parkhomovskyy and published by Rekord. Magnesit Stencil contains 4 styles and family package options. More about this family

About Magnesit Stencil Font Family

Sporty and brawly, Magnesit Stencil creates impact everywhere it lands. Impressive headlines are its specialty, but it feels right at home used in packaging, branding and poster design. With a very tall x-height, wide language support and minimalistic yet playful appearance, it can take on any serious typographic job.

Four distinct styles expand the possibilites even further: the straight to the point Regular, the friendly Soft and the determined Hard styles share metrics across related Magnesit and Magnesit Dark families, so you can mix and match to achieve exactly the effect you need. The SuperSoft style unique to the Magnesit Stencil family carries the concept to the extreme, mixing soft organic curves with rigid modularity inherent to stencil signage.

Magnesit Stencil works great with illustrations, the generous shapes can be easily filled with strong imagery to great effect.

Based on the best-selling Grim, Magnesit is a vast improvement of the concept with long awaited addition of lowercase, reworked proportions, spacing and kerning, expanded language support and useful icons to satisfy even the most demanding typographers’ needs.

Designers: Oleksandr Parkhomovskyy

Publisher: Rekord

Foundry: Rekord

Design Owner: Rekord

MyFonts debut: Sep 8, 2020

Magnesit Stencil

About Rekord

Rekord is a type and design studio located in Hamburg, Germany.