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minimono by MiniFonts.com
Licenses from $8.00
Complete family of 4 fonts: $8.00
minimono Font Family was designed by Joe Gillespie and published by MiniFonts.com. minimono contains 4 styles and family package options. More about this family

Mini Mono

4 fonts
  • MiniMono Blox MiniMono Blox

  • MiniMono Extras MiniMono Extras

  • MiniMono Klip MiniMono Klip

  • MiniMono MiniMono

Per Style: $2.00

Pack of 4 : $8.00

About minimono Font Family

MiniMono is a monospaced version of MINI 7. All the characters are the same width so that they align horizontally and vertically on a 7 x 7 pixel grid. MiniMono Blox characters are reversed-out of solid squares. Individual characters can be run together as a solid rectangle but look better with a pixel or two letter spacing. MiniMono Klip is also reversed-out but has the top and bottom rows of pixels removed to give a clipped 'art deco' look. This font can be hard to read at 10 pixels but is fine at 20 pixels and multiples of 10 from there up. This font contains a full English and Western European accented character set except for some very small characters that are imposible to reproduce at this size.

Designers: Joe Gillespie

Publisher: MiniFonts.com

Foundry: MiniFonts.com

Design Owner: MiniFonts.com

MyFonts debut: Apr 16, 2004


About MiniFonts.com

MiniFonts.com specializes in pixel fonts - typefaces designed specifically for crisp, clear screen display at smaller sizes than regular fonts and are ideal for Web page menus, buttons, navbars, captions and banners. These fonts are also used in interface design for computer programs and embedded in mobile devices.