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by Sensatype Studio
Individual Styles from $15.00
Morality Font Family was designed by Zamroni Hamzah and published by Sensatype Studio. Morality contains 1 styles.

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About Morality Font Family

Morality is a Modern Elegant Sans Serif Font that perfect for branding, logotyp, poster design, etc

A new San Serif Font that we created special for Headline, Title and more stand out typography needs. It's so perfect to add your style and headline overview. And specially for Headline font, we crafted for unique style and modern feels so enjoy to create any project that will show your main idea out.

Morality Modern Elegant Sans Serif Font ready with:

  • Any options to get creative variations
  • Preview as a inspirations that you can do with Morality font
  • Ready with All characters

Wish you enjoy our font. :)

Designers: Zamroni Hamzah

Publisher: Sensatype Studio

Foundry: Sensatype Studio

Design Owner: Sensatype Studio

MyFonts debut: Jun 15, 2023


About Sensatype Studio

Hello!We're Sensatype Studio, a passionate font designer dedicated to crafting beautiful and functional typefaces. With a love for typography, I immerse myself in research, analysis, and creativity to create fonts that merge artistry, purpose, and innovation.Our journey begins with deep exploration and study of typography's rich history, drawing inspiration from the masters of the craft and contemporary design trends. This knowledge allows me to honor tradition while pushing the boundaries of typographic expression. I believe that a font is more than just its visual appeal; it should also serve its intended purpose flawlessly. That's why I meticulously craft every letterform, paying attention to detail, consistent stroke weights, harmonious proportions, and spacing. Through rigorous testing, I ensure that my fonts deliver exceptional legibility across various sizes, mediums, and contexts.However, functionality alone is not enough. I embrace the challenge of infusing personality and character into my fonts. Each stroke and curve tells a story, amplifying the message and evoking emotions. Whether it's bringing elegance to a brand identity, enhancing the clarity of editorial design, or adding charm to user interfaces, my fonts speak the language of the content they accompany. Collaboration is a fundamental part of my process. I enjoy working with fellow designers, studios, and brands to create custom typefaces tailored to their specific needs. Together, we can co-create memorable typographic experiences that leave a lasting impact.I invite you to explore my portfolio, where you'll find a collection of carefully crafted typefaces that merge art, function, and purpose. Whether you're a designer seeking a unique typeface, a brand in search of a distinct visual identity, or a creative enthusiast looking for inspiration, I'm here to help you unlock the potential of typography.Let's embark on a typographic journey together, where artistry and functionality intertwine to create something truly remarkable.

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