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TE Naskh

TE Naskh by Tharwat Emara
Individual Styles from $25.00
TE Naskh Font Family was designed by Tharwat Mohamed Emara and published by Tharwat Emara. TE Naskh contains 2 styles. More about this family

About TE Naskh Font Family

It is known as the Naskh Font for its extensive use in the copying and transmission of books because it helps the writer to write more quickly than any other font since the Islamic times and then Naskh font wrote the "Quran". And the advantages of Naskh font are clarifying the letters and show their beauty and splendor.

Designers: Tharwat Mohamed Emara

Publisher: Tharwat Emara

Foundry: Tharwat Emara

Design Owner: Tharwat Emara

MyFonts debut: Aug 22, 2017

TE Naskh

About Tharwat Emara

Tharwat Emara is one of the first Arab calligraphers to transform Arabic calligraphy from the traditional form to the contemporary form while preserving its originality and splendor.When you type in the Fonts of the artist Tharwat Emara, you will not find any difference from its original Arabic formThere are many glyphs which are added to each other to get this feature and it become easier to graphic designer to write with Tharwat Emara Arabic fonts without real calligrapher it is the best in Headlines of Arabic books , photos,Magazines, Clothes,Mockups,Banners,Movies, and More .Tharwat Emara Fonts have multilanguage of glyphs you can type with more one language also