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Neue Comic

Neue Comic

by Unio Creative Solutions
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Neue Comic Font Family was designed by Nicola Manzari and published by Unio Creative Solutions. Neue Comic contains 14 styles and family package options.

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About Neue Comic Font Family

Meet "Neue Comic," a rounded typeface making a bold entrance into the design scene, aiming to redefine the delicate balance between playfulness and practicality in typography. Crafted with the recognition that rounded aesthetics enhance information retention and legibility, Neue Comic delivers a distinct, rhythmic design that breaks through traditional design boundaries.

Reflecting on the divisive legacy of Comic Sans, we pondered: Is it really deserving of all the hate? Comic Sans entered the typography scene in 1994 with the noble goal of injecting fun into casual contexts. However, it fell victim to misuse and eventually succumbed to an undeserved sense of imposter syndrome. This prompted us to create a typeface that transcends these limitations.

Inspired by the non-connecting script of comic book lettering, Neue Comic seeks to recapture the charm of the '90s while acknowledging the genuine intention behind Comic Sans—offering accessibility and friendliness. Avoiding the pitfalls of overuse, Neue Comic presents itself with seven weights and corresponding obliques, showcasing the flexibility of a variable version.


- Files included: Neue Comic, including obliques

- Multi-language support (Central, Eastern, Western European languages)

- OpenType Features (Superscript and Subscript Numerals, Fractions, Oldstyle figures)

Thanks for viewing, Unio.

Designers: Nicola Manzari

Publisher: Unio Creative Solutions

Foundry: Unio Creative Solutions

Design Owner: Unio Creative Solutions

MyFonts debut: Dec 19, 2023

Neue Comic

About Unio Creative Solutions

Unio Creative is an impassioned and inventive design studio committed to supplying a diverse array of premium design assets aimed at igniting creativity and empowering creators worldwide.Our extensive collection encompasses a myriad of design resources, spanning fonts, mockups, templates, and presets meticulously crafted to elevate projects across various platforms and industries.We prioritize accessibility and adaptability, ensuring that our resources cater to creators of all proficiencies, whether delving into graphic design, branding, typography, or visual storytelling.Each resource is carefully curated with an unwavering dedication to quality, functionality, and aesthetic allure, guaranteeing that every component contributes meaningfully to the creative process.Moreover, we actively engage with and support the creative community, fostering collaboration, exchanging insights, and offering invaluable expertise to nurture fellow creators' artistic journeys.Driven by our mission to inspire creativity and innovation globally, we aim to leave a positive imprint on the creative landscape by furnishing tools and resources that ignite imagination and fuel artistic expression.

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