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Nutcake CatchWords

Nutcake CatchWords™

by Andinistas
Individual Styles from $49.00
Nutcake CatchWords Font Family was designed by Carlos Fabián Camargo Guerrero and published by Andinistas. Nutcake CatchWords contains 1 styles.

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About Nutcake CatchWords Font Family

INSPIRED BY THE LOVERS OF LETTERS AND ANCIENT ANIMATED DRAWINGS: We present one of our most desired typographical tools of 2019: NUTCAKE CATCH-WORDS! Designed and produced by #carlosfabiancg and #a_freitez at different times and places in Venezuela and Colombia. Each word design was like “travel to the old school of hand lettering of 1930” due to the number of options and alternatives we discarded to solidify meticulous researches and Bezier drawings, based on analysis and synthesis of empty and full calligraphy, first done with a round brush and then perfected with pencil and paper. For this reason, each NUTCAKE CATCH-WORDS design contains a high dose of cursive expressiveness, apparently handwritten, and that is why our customers can take advantage of more than 160 words compiled in a single OTF file. NOTE: if you need any new word with the NUTCAKE CATCH-WORDS style, please write us and we will gladly design it to include it in your file. Below the list of 160 catch words: and, An, All, As, After, Ante, Avec, Break, Bright, Big, Back, Both, Best, Body, Butter, Breakfast, By, Bajo, Coffe, Café, Closet, Can, Cocktail, Cookies, Custom, Cabe, Con, Contra, Could, Crisp, Candy, City, Chocolate, Chocolat, Come, Del, Don't, Deliver, Desde, Di, Durante, Enjoy, Eat, Example, El, En, Entre, Front, Fire, Free, Fashion, For, Fresh, Friday, Family, Going, Great, Go, Heres, Here, Hand, Hacia, Hasta, Have, I'm, It’s, Imagine, It, Join, Just, Jam, Kitchen, Kiss, Know, Keep, Like, Life, Lady, La, Las, Les, Los, Le, Love, Money, More, Master, My, Mediante, Now, now, New, new, next, nuevo, nueva, Off, out, ofertas, oferta, offer, offers, Please, Para, Per, Page, Quality, Queen, Question, Valley, Queso, Right, Road, Save, See, Show, Something, So, Según, Sin, So, Sobre, Sale, Shop, Style, Styles, Sweet, Special, To, the, The, Theres, There, To, This, Three, They, That, Tras, Think, Time, Take, Transfer, Until, Vacation, Value, Vote, What, Hats, With, Welcome, Which, You, Y, You're, you, Zip, Zoom, Zombie.

Designers: Carlos Fabián Camargo Guerrero

Publisher: Andinistas

Foundry: Andinistas

Design Owner: Andinistas

MyFonts debut: Mar 27, 2019

Nutcake CatchWords™ is a trademark of Andinistas.

About Andinistas

The word "Andinistas" roughly translates to "people devoted to the Andes." In Venezuela, it is the word used to describe the people who climb the slopes of Pico Bolívar, the country's highest mountain. Carlos Fabián Camargo Guerrero, the founder of Andinistas Fonts, found this name to be interesting because of its resonance and relationship with the unknown.Carlos is one of the first designers from Colombia or Venezuela to be able to make it as a full-time type designer. His experience of living in both countries has allowed him to tap into their colorful visual cultures and bring aspects of each of them into his designs. He is proud of both countries, as they have been an inexhaustible source of ideas to him.Carlos joined MyFonts in 2006. Since then, his designs have evolved from a streetwise, sassy grunge style to a series of energetic and personable scripts and display fonts. He says that in typeface design, we can never say we have learned enough. When we look at old classics, we realize that what we need to learn is inexhaustible. We never get anything definitively.Today, Carlos feels that the word "Andinistas" also has a valuable meaning for him personally. It has taken many years of experience before he slowly received some recognition for his foundry. This has required profound conviction and the will to surpass oneself. So the word combines concepts like spectacular beauty and adventure with the idea of overcoming challenges and getting to the top with work and creative effort.