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PIXymbols PCx

PIXymbols PCx by Page Studio Graphics
Licenses from $119.00
Complete family of 3 fonts: $119.00
PIXymbols PCx Font Family was designed by Roger Vershen and published by Page Studio Graphics. PIXymbols PCx contains 3 styles and family package options. More about this family

PCx 2.0

3 fonts
  • PIXymbols PCx Symbol PIXymbols PCx Symbol

  • PIXymbols PCx Extended Bold PIXymbols PCx Extended Bold

  • PIXymbols PCx Extended Regular PIXymbols PCx Extended Regular

Per Style: $39.66

Pack of 3 : $119.00

About PIXymbols PCx Font Family

This font package is designed to create PC-type screens, using all the characters in the IBM extended character set (except for three grey blocks), and is monospaced (all characters have the same width). Specially designed for use in computer documentation, PIXymbols PCx matches the IBM key assignments and can also be used on the Macintosh to print a screen created in MS-DOS, which was then transferred to the Macintosh as an ASCII text file. All but the line drawing characters can also be selected in Bold format. Also see Courex, and DOSscreen.

Designers: Roger Vershen

Publisher: Page Studio Graphics

Foundry: Page Studio Graphics

Original Foundry: unknown

Design Owner: Page Studio Graphics

MyFonts debut: May 8, 2001

PIXymbols PCx

About Page Studio Graphics

Page Studio Graphics (founded in 1986) develops and publishes special purpose pictorial symbol fonts, marketed under the trademark PIXymbols. Font characters are accessed simply by pressing a key, or combination of keys on the computer keyboard. They can be scaled to any size, limited only by the application program used. The first name of all our fonts is PIXymbols. All fonts are designed by Roger Vershen and were released between 1987 and 2001. All fonts are licensed only in packages. Packages contain from one to seven fonts.