Wesley sent us these thoughts when we asked him to submit a description of Wesley Poole, the foundry: “Even though I've been using type for decades, this is my first foray into the other side of the equation. “I remember watching our town printer in his bib overalls, his pica pole visible in his left breast pocket, sitting at his prized linotype machine while it spit out hot lead! I started in the design business when we ordered ‘cold type’. We had to spec it out then paste it up. This sounds positively Medieval doesn’t it? My son and I haven’t given any thought to creating a ‘foundry’, per se. We don’t have ambitions beyond just working together. No employees. No shingle-out-front facility. So there isn’t a foundry beyond two artisans creating artwork. This could change. We’ll see. For now, that’s the situation. By the way, we will never use any portion of any existing typefaces. Any work that comes from here will always be original.”

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