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PR Vanaheim

PR Vanaheim

by PR Fonts
Individual Styles from $10.00
PR Vanaheim Font Family was designed by Peter Rempel and published by PR Fonts. PR Vanaheim contains 7 styles.

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About PR Vanaheim Font Family

This is a perfect font for historical or fantasy titles. It is influenced by ancient Nordic runes. the strokes flare slightly, to a concave terminal for a finely carved appearance. There are two sets of capitals in PR-Vanaheim-DC (Dual Capitals); one set of narrow letters, more closely related to Runic forms, and one set which includes wider and circular letters, which can be freely combined with the narrow letters for the variety associated with hand lettering. There is one version with dots placed in the centre of large counters and one version without the dots. The broad caps character set includes characters which allow for tight spacing; a dropped L, and a tall T. There are also two different lowercase sets, one modern, and one archaic, all of which can be freely mixed to fine tune the appearance of your text. Here is the brief description of the available faces: PR-Vanaheim-Med-DC-01 Duplex Caps PR-Vanaheim-Med-DC-02 Duplex Caps, Dotted counters and dot space PR-Vanaheim-Med-DC-03 Duplex Caps, Dotted counters PR-Vanaheim-Med-LC-04 Broad Caps, with modern style lower case. PR-Vanaheim-Med-LC-05 Narrow Caps, with modern style lower case. PR-Vanaheim-Med-LC-06 Broad Caps, with archaic lower case. PR-Vanaheim-Med-LC-07 Narrow Caps, with archaic lower case.

Designers: Peter Rempel

Publisher: PR Fonts

Foundry: PR Fonts

Design Owner: PR Fonts

MyFonts debut: Feb 10, 2014

PR Vanaheim

About PR Fonts

PR Fonts has been creating shareware fonts since 1996, and commercial fonts since 2010. We have a strong interest in design ideas inspired by the Middle ages, including the revival of Gothic influences in the Victorian period, and modern Gothic trends. Peter Rempel has studied a variety of lettering styles, but his strongest interest is in the letter styles of the Middle Ages, starting with the German Fraktur styles he knew from childhood, and extending back, into uncials, runic shapes, and the Classical Roman letter. Educated in music and visual art, he is interested in creating original display fonts: not the rice and pasta of Times Roman and Arial but more the green onions and cumin of your typographic diet.

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