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by Eurotypo
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Quadratique Font Family was designed by Juan A. Lavalle and published by Eurotypo. Quadratique contains 1 styles. More about this family
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About Quadratique Font Family

Quadratique is the first font of a large family that was originated in geometric patterns. We developed a system through a square of 6 modules of side, which are transformed and combined to give up 104 originals glyphs. As a result, each letter is a subfamily that may be combined by overlapping (A, a, a.salt and a.swsh) and thus generate more than 365 glyphs, or thousands if we combine different letters. Quadratique is so easy to use, that user does not need guidance. You just must typeset [aaaa, bbbb, etc.] and start to play, try to make that each module overlapping with others and repeat [(a + A) (a + A) (a + A), etc.] You may create thousands of new patterns and creative frames just combining different modules.

Designers: Juan A. Lavalle

Publisher: Eurotypo

Foundry: Eurotypo

Design Owner: Eurotypo

MyFonts debut: Nov 7, 2011


About Eurotypo

Eurotypo is a small foundry established in 2004 by Alberto Di Santo and Olcar Alcaide that focuses on research, design, and the production and education of typography. Originally formed in Santa Severa, Italy, the group has since moved its headquarters to Madrid, Spain and has been joined by designer Carine de Wandeleer. “In Eurotypo we develop new and original typefaces inspired by both the models of ancient writing and the investigation of new forms of expression based on the communication function of typography,” the group says. The group made its MyFonts debut with Antium, and has followed it up with bestsellers such as script faces Aleka and Juliette. “Our fonts are carefully handcrafted. We concentrate on the design and production of our typefaces and all of the formal and technical aspects of our fonts are controlled in much detail: readability, visibility and expressiveness as well as Opentype features, and kerning accuracy.”