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Rabona by AcidType
Individual Styles from $30.00
Complete family of 12 fonts: $250.00
Rabona Font Family was designed by Zac Hallgarten and published by AcidType. Rabona contains 12 styles and family package options. More about this family

About Rabona Font Family

Rabona is a typeface for designers; easy to implement, clean and utilisable.

A quintessentially modern geometric san-serif, filtered through a gently humanist lens.

Rabona began life as an experiment; an antidote to the overused, tightly coiled style of geometric san-serif styles that have dominated graphic design in the digital age. By introducing generous, open curves more often found in humanist styles, the modern silhouette suddenly became far more relaxed, with so much more space to breath. It projected the illusion of simplicity and neutrality, without losing the much loved character that designers look for in a geometric style.

For many years, this primitive version of Rabona lived exclusively in a handful of designer's personal use catalogues, but it didn't remain dormant for long. What quickly became evident was this typeface's fantastic operability, with it soon becoming a powerful workhorse for each designer. A font so fun to use felt a shame cooped up in private ownership, so a public release was soon planned.

After years of tweeks, nips, and tucks, Rabona is now available to everyone.

Not a typeface the world needed, but a typeface the world deserved.

Designers: Zac Hallgarten

Publisher: AcidType

Foundry: AcidType

Design Owner: AcidType

MyFonts debut: Jan 12, 2021


About AcidType

"Established in London in 2015, aiming to be a bold new voice in font design for the new generation of digital creatives. AcidType is the result of a mutual love for archaic, manual lettering, and a strong understanding of the functional needs of modern designers. Founder Zac Hallgarten explains, “we consider our typefaces as tools for design – we are building hammers and wrenches. They must be fundamentally sound, highly utilizable, and even enjoyable to use.” Since relocating North to Manchester, AcidType has continued to collaborate with independent artists from a thriving creative scene."