Roy Preston
Roy Preston, of Preston Graphics, was born in London and enjoyed a career covering all of the facets of advertising, where he nurtured his love of type. He worked as an illustrator (watercolours and cartoons), a graphic designer, an art director, and finally a creative director. Roy's artistic work ranges from whimsical to abstract to realistic. His mediums cover watercolor, pen and ink, magic marker, and computer graphics. Roy's skills with each area of design demonstrate his ability to show contrasts in form, from the free style of his cartoons, to the fine detail of his watercolor paintings, to his clean and elegantly rendered type designs, of which several, in 1999, received a Gold Award at the 1999 Morisawa International Type Design competition (Latin Category – Prentis family of Roman and Sans). You can personally enjoy Roy's work by visiting his website. There, you will not only see his beautiful work, but also share in the processes he used to create some of them. Roy, now retired and living with his family of two cats, continues to explore his creative imaginings while abstract painting and designing typefaces on his Mac.

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